Educational Offer

Activities begin at 7:45 a.m. by raising the national flag. Classes continue until noon, when we hold a lunch break to give students time to rest and socialize; then we resume our educational activities in the different didactic-productive sections, both agricultural and general.

It's advisable to enter into our educational program at the first year of the Techno-Professional Secondary Education, where we offer the same obligatory courses common to any school of the Chubut province at the same level, such as Math, Spanish, Biology, History, Geography, Civics and Physical Education.

The general courses are joined by others which are specific to the techno-agricultural education, which add diversity to our offer and differentiate it from those of other schools.

• Graphic Representation is included from 1st to 3rd year.

• In our first year we have Agricultural Practice workshops (Rural Carpentry and Saddlery), Animal Production (Aviculture) and Vegetable Production (Horticulture).

• In our second year the Agricultural Practice workshop consists in Home Installations; Vegetable Production focuses on Indoors Cultivation and Animal Production includes Cuniculture and Apiculture.

• In our third year the workshops are the following: Rural Carpentry and Cuisine as Agricultural Practice, General Husbandry in Animal Production, and Vegetable Production.

After our first cycle ends we begin the second stage of the Technical Secondary Education, which once passed allows you to successfully continue university or tertiary level studies or, if you so desire, to introduce you into the labor market as an Agricultural Production Technician.


Our specific technical education offer encompasses different productive areas such as rural installations, vegetable production, poultry production, greenhouse management, rural machines and tools, bovine and ovine production, stone fruit production, rural exploitation organization and management, and small-scale industrialization of fruits and vegetables.

We encourage the students who choose Agrotécnica 733 as their school to participate in numerous extracurricular activities, as we offer them to take part voluntarily in:

• Competitions – Olympics
• Cultural Activities
• Agricultural production fairs
• Sports competitions
• Social and community projects

We also produce radio and TV programs entirely within our school grounds. Our TV programming is broadcast publicly in all the Chubut province through Channel 7. This is joined by our own radio station, FM 88.5 Mhz. “BRYN GWYN.”

Our school intends for you to be able to successfully engage a Superior Education after graduation, based on your own abilities, to which we add a solid knowledge base. If you want to become an agriculturist for the Third Millennium, don't hesitate to take advantage of the technical teachers and productive infrastructure of Escuela Agrotécnica No. 733 “Benito Owen”.